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Shirk- Associating partners with Allah is the gravest sin in Islam, about which Allah said: “I will forgive every sin except Shirk.”

Pharaoh committed this sin & claimed that he is God, he did not even associate any other person but himself. He made himself equal to Allah & this sin angers Allah the most but still Allah ordered Prophet Moses to go to Pharaoh & invite him to the worship of One God.

Allah said: “Go you and your brother with My Ayat (proofs, lessons, verses, evidences, signs, revelations, etc), and do not, you both, slacken and become weak in My Remembrance. Go, both of you, to Pharaoh, verily, he has transgressed all bounds in disbelief and disobedience and behaved as an arrogant and as a tyrant. And speak to him MILDLY, perhaps he may accept admonition or fear Allah.” (Qur’an 20:42-44)

Did Allah allow Prophet Moses to curse Pharaoh or abuse him? The answer is No. Even in this case when a human committed the worst sin, Allah ordered another human to speak to him in a kind & gentle manner. This clearly shows, that no human has the right to curse or abuse anyone, a Muslim or a Non Muslim. Even if the other person is mocking or talking ignorantly to a Muslim, he is not allowed to do the same in return.

But, today the attitude of Muslims is opposite to this. They curse & abuse not only non Muslims but even Muslims & then they think that Allah will forgive them & they will go to Paradise, just because they have a tag “Muslim” with them. But, they are just deceiving their own selves.

Prophet Muhammad peace be upon Him stated that a person said: “By Allah, Allah will not forgive so & so (person).” Thereupon Allah said: “Who is He who swears by Me & says that i will not forgive so & so? Listen, Verily I have forgiven so & so & nullified your deeds or as the Messenger peace be upon Him said.”

This narration teaches us the politeness needed by a Muslim towards Allah and that one should not involve himself in matters that are left for Allah to decide i.e. nobody can know who will go to Hell and who will enter Paradise.

Allah advises us in Qur’an:  “Invite (all) to the Way of your Rabb (Cherisher and Sustainer) with wisdom and beautiful preaching; and argue with them in ways that are best and most gracious: for your Rabb (God) knows best, who have strayed from His Path, and who receive guidance.” (16:125)

Not for you (O Muhammad) is the decision; whether He turns in mercy to (pardon) them or punishes them; verily, they are the wrongdoers.” (Qur’an 3:128) “Your duty is only to convey (the Message) and on Us (God) is the reckoning.” (Qur’an 13:40)

But what is the condition of Muslims today?

Few days back, I saw a video, in which an old Muslim man was offering Prayer very fast & incorrectly. Someone recorded the video & uploaded on Facebook with the title “Curse him & share”. 

Is this what Allah told Muslims to do? Instead of correcting him & trying to help him, they mocked & cursed him. Did Allah allow any human being to do so? We can clearly see from above Quranic verses that this is not the way of Islam. Muslims have to understand this, that, there is a difference between Allah judging humans & humans judging humans.

Humans can judge others based on their actions but not their hearts. For example, if someone is alcoholic, it is a Muslim’s duty to correct him & tell him that this wrong, but, he cannot say, ‘you drink, you will go to hell’. As Muslims, our duty is to correct people & call them towards the way of Allah, in the best possible manner, that is all. We have no right to curse or abuse anyone or to tell people that you will burn in Hell. This is what only Allah decides, because Allah knows what’s inside the hearts & we humans don’t.

Islam does not teach us to be quiet when there is Injustice and Falsehood. It is every Muslim’s religious obligation to forbid evil & call towards good. But it does not mean that Muslims are allowed to be rude or harsh, when it comes to conveying the message of Islam.

Allah says: “And hold fast, all of you together, to the Rope of Allaah (i.e. this Qur’aan), and be not divided among yourselves.” (Qur’an 3:103)

“O you who believe! Stand out firmly for Allah as just witnesses; and let not the enmity and hatred of others make you avoid justice. Be just, that is nearer to Taqwa (piety).”(Qur’an 5:8)


This is the message of Islam “Unity”, “Justice” & “Tolerance”. But sadly, today Muslims are the most intolerant & unjust people. They show zero tolerance. If anyone goes against their views, they start cursing & abusing them. This is the reason today Muslims are suffering all over the world. Muslims need to come back to the true message of Islam & unite.

If you are a supporter of one leader or scholar, don’t call the supporters of others, ‘dogs’, don’t curse them. Because the problem is not the person who is not supporting your favorite person, but you, the one who is cursing & abusing other Muslims & non Muslims.

Today, because of the rude & harsh attitude of Muslims, so many non Muslims hate Islam & they hate Muslims, because the first thing that Muslims tell them is “you are going to hell”. This is very sad, Muslims have left the book of Allah & they justify their wrongdoings by cherry picking verses from the Qur’an. They misuse Qur’an.

I invite you all,  to study the Qur’an & Narrations of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon Him) & then judge. This is a request, that please do not judge Islam by looking at Muslims. The basic message of Islam is to believe in only One Creator, & this is not only for Muslims, we all human beings are equal in the sight of Allah & even the Muslims who will disobey Allah, will be punished. No Muslim has a free pass to Paradise. There is no blind following in Islam & it is everyone’s (Muslims & Non Muslims) duty to study it.


Nowadays, you would find that TV stations, radio stations, broadcast Qur’an, because they know that people don’t understand it & they are not going to follow it. This is a problem that exists among us now.

Imam Ahmed narrates that the Messenger of Allah (sal Allahu alaihi wa sallam) said regarding something: “That would happen when knowledge is lost.” One of the companions asked, “O Messenger of Allah (sal Allahu alaihi wa sallam), how could knowledge be lost when we have studied the Quran, we are teaching it to our children and our children will teach it to theirs.” The Messenger of Allah (sal Allahu alaihi wasallam) said: “Woe to you! I thought you were one of the most learned men of Medinah. Can’t you see the Jews and Christians are not benefiting even though they have their scriptures (Torah and Injeel) right with them?”

SubhanAllah! As if He was talking about us.

So the Prophet said, a time will come when Qur’an will be with us, but we will not be benefiting from it. Qur’an is not something to be put on the highest shelf & to be decorated & covered. Infact, Abu Darda said: “When you start decorating your mosques and beautifying your Mushaf (i.e. The Quran – adorning it with jewellery, silver & gold, etc.), that will be the time when you will be destroyed.”

He said this, because this is an indication that you are favoring symbols over substance . ‘My mosque looks beautiful & the Qur’an is written by these gold & silver threads with velvet covering & it’s wonderful & we don’t even want to touch it & read it, because it looks so good. We don’t even open it to read it, because it’s so expensive & wonderful’. Abu Darda said, when this will happen, you will be destroyed.

At the time of Abu Darda, Qur’an was written on bones, on leaves, on leather. Qur’an for them was a collection of bones, leaves & pieces of leather. Today if some Muslim sees it, they would say, this is disrespect of Qur’an, you are writing it on bones, you are disrespecting Qur’an, because now the issue became ‘respect of Qur’an’. We respect it so much that we don’t touch it, don’t read & don’t follow it, we only respect it.

quran bone

We have lost track of what Qur’an should do for us, or how we should study the book of Allah. Allah said: “(This is) a Book (the Qur’an) which We have sent down to you, full of blessings that they may ponder over its Verses, and that men of understanding may remember.” (38:29)

We need to reflect on the verses of Qur’an (read, hear, interpret, review, implement & act on it, since Al Quran, is meant to guide ones’ life as a Muslim). Allah says: “Don’t they contemplate & meditate on the meanings of Quran or are the hearts locked.” 

Allah is not only asking us to recite the book but he is saying that we have to recite it with understanding.

How Did The Companions Of The Prophet Study Qur’an?

If you take the example of Ibn Umar, he says: “It took me 14 years to finish memorizing Surah Baqarah.”

Today, We memorize complete Qur’an in a few months. One may ask, how come it took Ibn Umar 14 years to learn only one chapter?

The reason is, the way the companions studied it was, that they took 10 verses & they would study them, they would study the imaan (aqeeda, creed, true meaning of La Ilaha Ilal lah), the ilm (knowledge) & the halal & haram (what is prohibited & allowed) in the verses, they would memorize the verses, & then they would move on the next verses. They would never move on the next verses until they have applied what they studied – until it becomes a life for them.

Allah says: “And We send down of the Qur’an that which is healing and mercy for the believers, but it does not increase the wrongdoers except in loss.”

Which means that the Qur’an draws some people closer & it draws some people further. If you want to benefit from it, it will benefit you, if you don’t, Allah will honor His book.

Messenger of Allah said: “There will be time, when there will be young people who will recite the Qur’an but it will not even go pass their throats.” Meaning they will take it as something being recited, they will not understand it. They might be doing it for monetary reasons, but then the book of Allah is not used.

Nowadays, it is used for opening a ceremony & closing a ceremony & that’s it. All of my life when I am living, Quran is sitting on my shelf & when I die, people will pull it out of the shelf & recite some verses on me, when I am already dead & then it will go back in the shelf. So, it comes out only in the celebrations & in the times of the death. When there is a marriage, they recite Surah Yaseen in the house & when someone dies they recite Surah Fatiha & that’s all what the book of Allah is used for. For marriage & death (and without even understanding it).

Subhan Allah! The book of Allah was a moving force behind the early Muslims. What made the companions different was Qur’an. Nothing else! It completely changed them from the people who were at the lowest levels & it made them the role models of humanity. It was ONLY Qur’an that was the power that turned them into the great nation. And it will do the same to us, only if we reflect on it’s verses (read, understand, and implement, since Al Quran, is meant to guide ones’ life as a Muslim).

~ Anwar Al Awlaki.

In democracy, the minorities are “forced” to accept the rules of the majority – Majority Rules.

One should keep in mind that the vast majority of mankind does not comprise of people who utilize their intellect and reasoning faculty. It would not be too far fetched to term such people as”two legged animals”. They follow their society’s conventional trends and simply mimic the behavior of those around them. They swim in the direction of the social current and tide of their time and only change their direction as the current changes. They never question as to who they are, where have they come from or where they are going?

So, how can democracy be a fair system when the majority are just sheep?


It is mentioned in Quran: “And if you obey most of those on the earth, they will mislead you far away from Allah’s path.”

The Creator of everything is telling us that most of the people of the earth, are misguided. They follow nothing but conjecture (a guess), and they do nothing but lie.

The rules are simple they lie t

This verse clearly shows that Democracy cannot be a fair system. Imagine, if the majority of the people are misguided & the sovereignty is given to them, what will be the result?? Infact, we all can see the results today. Democracy has given us nothing except wars, destruction & slavery. 


On the other hand, in Islamic Caliphate, the religious minorities have a right to have their separate legal system. They are free to choose, which courts they want to go to, whether the Muslim or their own court system & the rules of the majority do not apply to them.


Muslims are told that they have religious freedom in the west… But what religious freedom do they have? When, they are forced to accept a legal system that is not Islamic?

It is the issue of the numbers in the west while in the Muslim world whether the Christians were majority or minority in a community, they had their rights protected even if it was one person. Islam is very accommodating to the religious minorities, not only did they survived but they flourished. Christian Arabs flourished in Syria, Jordan, Egypt, Palestine, Iraq & that’s why they still exist today. If the Muslim Caliphs wanted to wipe them out, they could have done it so easily because the Christians & the Jews had no power whatsoever to resist the will of the Caliphs, but they flourished.

And the Jews would run away from Christian land & go & seek refuge with the Muslims. They ran away from oppressive Europe, from the oppression of Romans & they sought refuge in Spain. And once Spain fell in capital hands, they left Spain & went to Istanbul to be under the watchful eye of the Caliph of Banu Uthman. They chose to be right left to the Caliph.

Al Ghazali says: “The religious freedom that was granted by Islam, has never seen any similar situation to it on any of the 5 continents. (and then he says something very important). A religion never had a monopoly over power & gave another religion freedom to exist except Islam.”

If we want to say that the west today is granting religious minorities freedom, that is because it is a secular system & not a religious system. Now the west is warning against theocracy & they have a right to be worried, because they have experienced it. When the west was living under theocracies, it had the religious wars, the accusations etc. But they are making the mistake by assuming that Islam is the same, because , “Islam Is An Exception.”

In Islam, Absolute Right For Legislation Is For None But Allah.”  A very very important thing for the Muslim Leader Is, “Don’t Follow Your Desires”. Our problem now with the Islamic work is that we always deal with others based on our desires. For example, If I have a certain problem with you, I continue with that problem & I try to justify it from an Islamic point of view. But this is not Islam that is instigating my dealing with you, it is my hatred towards you & then I am misusing Islam to fulfill it. This is not acceptable in Islam! We “have to” instigate our actions based on Islam & then we push our desires to follow the direction of the Sharia. Wherever Islam goes, that is where we put our desires. And this is Jihad (struggle) of the Nafs (self). You don’t do things according to what you want, you do things according to what Allah wants. You do it Allah’s way, not your way. This is no doubt a very difficult discipline  but a very important Jihad. The Jihad of your soul, to fight these internal conflicts that are going on in your heart, in order follow the law of Allah & to follow what Allah wants from you even if it against your own self & this is the meaning of the word Islam,Submitting Your Will To Allah Only“.

There can be only one condition where the rule of majority can be accepted and that can be explained with this example.

If you have a dinner at your place & you want to serve wine, but, you know that it has been declared prohibited by Allah, so there can be no way you serve it, its out of the question. Hence, you will than have to decide between orange juice, apple juice etc, & for this reason, you can go for what the majority says. Meaning the majority can rule but under the rules defined by Allah & His Messenger (peace be upon Him).

Giving the sovereignty to the majority means that if they say that, they want wine, you will have to serve it. Same is the case in Democracy.

Islamic law is fair, because there is no human sovereignty. Each & every individual have to follow the law of his/her Creator only. And this gives true freedom to everyone because any individual can correct a leader at any point of time. No injustice can be done, if the leader is unjust & he does something that goes against the law of the Creator, people are free to go against him, unlike today. Today, people are slaves of their governments. They do what they are ordered to, even if it is unfair & unjust. They are not allowed to question or say no & if they do, either they end up in jail or are killed.


Bernard Lewis presents some of his conclusions about Islamic culture, Shari’a Law, jihad, and the modern day phenomenon of terrorism in his text, Islam: The Religion and the People. He writes of jihad as a distinct “religious obligation”, but suggests that “it is a pity” that people engaging in terrorist activities are not more aware of their own religion:

“Muslim fighters are commanded not to kill women, children, or the aged unless they attack first; not to torture or otherwise ill-treat prisoners; to give fair warning of the opening of hostilities or their resumption after a truce; and to honor agreements. … At no time did the classical jurists offer any approval or legitimacy to what we nowadays call terrorism. Nor indeed is there any evidence of the use of terrorism as it is practiced nowadays.”

In Lewis’ view, the “by now widespread terrorism practice of suicide bombing is a development of the 20th century” with “no antecedents in Islamic history, and no justification in terms of Islamic theology, law, or tradition.” He further comments that “the fanatical warrior offering his victims the choice of the Koran or the sword is not only untrue, it is impossible” and that “generally speaking, Muslim tolerance of unbelievers was far better than anything available in Christendom, until the rise of secularism in the 17th century.”

Today, the west is brainwashing people by calling democracy a modern system & Islamic law an outdated, old system.  But very few are aware that…


In conclusion, we can say that the solution for today’s modern world  is the Islamic Sharia, the modern & new system, not the outdated & old, democracy, where people have to become slaves of some rich, greedy, unjust & dishonest people!!!

You Be The Judge!!!

Be Just Before You Are Generous.

“O you who believe! Stand out firmly for Allah as just witnesses; and let not the enmity and hatred of others make you avoid justice. Be just, that is nearer to Taqwa (piety).”(Qur’an 5:8)

“Allah does not forbid you to deal justly and kindly with those who fought not against you on account of religion nor drove you out of your homes. Verily, Allah loves those who deal with equity.” (Qur’an 60:8)

So, Islam teaches us that we need to be fair in everything with everyone, friend or enemy & Allah is saying in this verse, even if you have problem with some people, you have hatred with them, like people of Quraish, who have oppressed you for so long, deprived you of your freedoms, you still need to be just with them & that is tolerance.

All of us are different & differences are there to remain. This is a fact that we have to face, so we should not try to eliminate differences but we should try to deal with them. Differences existed among the companions of the Prophet peace be upon Him, even among the angels.

The Sahaba,(companions of the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon Him) they had a rainbow of opinions, the two advisers of Messenger of Allah which were Abu bakr & Umar, almost on every issue they had difference of opinion of night & day. That was because, as human beings we develop our perceptions on life based on our knowledge & experience, that is how we view the world. Every body has a certain outcome to events, that is why we will have a unique way in viewing events.

Abu Bakr’s way of conceiving things was very compassionate, he was very lenient, while Umar ibn Khattab was very strict. Even the Prophets of Allah had different opinions, different ways in viewing events & we will have that too. We shouldn’t be very upset about it.

How To Deal With Differences.

The key to the solution is in our hearts. One day, The Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) was seated in a gathering with the companions when He looked towards the entrance & said, “A man of Paradise is coming.” At that instance someone who seemed to be very ordinary entered the mosque.The next day the Prophet repeated the same words & the same man came in, The third day the Prophet repeated the same again & the same man showed up. One companion was curious as to why the Prophet had said such a thing about this man, so he followed the man to his house & got permission to stay in his house as a guest. The companion stayed three nights with him but never saw him praying at night, and whenever he went to bed, he would remember Allah and rest until he woke up for morning prayer. When three nights had passed and he did not see anything special about his actions, he asked him, “O servant of Allah, I heard the Messenger of Allah say three times that a man from the people of Paradise was coming to us, and then you came. So I thought I should stay with you and see what you are doing that I should follow, but I did not see you do anything special. What is the reason that the Messenger of Allah spoke highly of you?” The man said, “It is as you have seen, except that I do not find fraud in my soul towards the Muslims, and I do not envy anyone because of the good that Allah has given them.”

Many of the times we magnify problems of others just like it is mentioned that Jesus said: “You are able to see a hair in the eye of your brother but you fail to see a log in your eye.”

The problems of others are magnified & we think we are giving advice & doing a good deed when we have greater problems. The issue is that we are not concerned with ourselves. We forget that Allah said, “All of you will face Allah on judgement day, alone.”

And some people they are trouble makers, you can’t do anything about them. Like Al Hatiya, he is a famous poet. He was a very evil person, he tried to make trouble with anybody. One day he decided that he wanted to go & curse someone, so he went out of his house to do some evil acts. He didn’t find anybody to pick up a fight with. So he went & looked in the mirror & said, “Allah has given you such an ugly face, may Allah make it even uglier.”

The Prophet (peace be upon Him) said: “There are some people, who are keys of good & locks for evil, & there are some people who are locks for good & keys for evil.”

We should carry the keys of good with us all the time, have effective righteousness, because it all comes out from our hearts. If the heart is clean then we will be much more tolerable with others.


~ Anwar Al Awlaki

When Your Government Calls Someone A Terrorist, Start Searching For The Truth Yourself.

Ever wondered, why did US fake 9/11 to attack a poor country like Afghanistan? US soldiers rape, kill & burn women in Afghanistan, so can the reason be women rights? Is it for the resources or oil? How can it be for money when they have already spent trillions of dollars on this war & are still spending & now, even if they were to take every last drop of oil, they are not going to make their money back? So, what can be the reason?

We will have to understand, “what does US actually want” in order to know the answers of the above questions. And we all know that they want to rule the world, they want New World Order, according to which every single human will be their slave. But there is only one thing that is not letting them do so, let’s examine what that is?

In this article, I have highlighted the situation of Afghanistan before 9/11 & after 9/11.

The people who think that the Taliban are murderers and criminals, well you are wrong. As the media portrays that Taliban are the most savage barbaric & uncivilized people on earth but in reality those uncivilized people asked the so called most civilized people “US” to give them a proof that Bin Laden was involved in 9/11 & they will hand him over & there will be no war, but US could not provide a single evidence, simply because it was a false flag & instead, bombed & invaded the whole country. And shockingly, the US special forces did not get in the area where Bin Laden was for two months. A mass murderer who attacked the US was given two month head start? Does this make sense? Do you think that they spoke the truth, when they said that we have attacked Afghanistan because of our security? Know the truth, please watch.

The Situation In Afghanistan Was Much Better Under The Taliban.

Afghan Taliban were far better than the current government and here is why;

“Many rural Afghans have come to trust the Taliban’s extensive judicial network over government courts to “solve disputes in a fair war, without tribal or ethnic bias, or more commonly, without having to pay bribes”. “Ordinary people turned to Taliban courts in search of justice less corrupt than the system imposed by outsiders.” says Graeme Smith, a Kabul- based senior analyst at the International Crisis Group.

Mullah Muhammad Umar Said:

Muhammad Omar

Sounds like a terrorist?

Crime Rates.

The crime rates were very very low which Afghans did not have for more than 20 years. Before 1996 the Afghans never expected to live a life with really low crime rates, they only dreamed to have a life like that. Even the Northern alliance was brutal group that raped women and murdered anyone they saw on the streets, they didn’t care who you were. They ruled Afghanistan from 1992-96 and they were 10 times worse than the Taliban. But still, the northern alliance are in the government now, because they supported the USA. This basically means that if you support the USA, you will be safe, even if you commit crimes. 

During the Taliban days it was so safe that you go out in the middle of the night and walk on the streets with a bag full of money and no one would dare to steal it. Even some people left their stores open and no one would steal anything. But, since the downfall of the Taliban, crime rate has significantly increased in the capital city Kabul. Armed robberies are regularly reported in the western districts of Kabul. Between March 2002 and January 2003, 48 cases of homicide, 80 cases of theft and 12 cases of kidnappings were reported within Kabul municipal boundaries.

In July, 2000 the Taliban banned the growing of opium and the production went down by 91%, the ban was so effective that Helmend province recorded no poppy cultivation during the 2001 season. Since the downfall of the Taliban in 2001, cultivation and trafficking of opium has increased significantly.

poppy field

Taliban also knew how to keep the drug problem under control and crack down on drug addicts in Afghanistan. Today 2-4% of the Afghan population are drug addicts.

Even the Afghan Hindus and Sikhs had a better life under the Taliban because they were not harrased by Muslims and their lands were not taken by anyone. A lot of Hindus and Sikhs say that, they feel more oppressed and isolated today than they did under the Taliban. Also, sometimes even their lands gets taken by powerful people. Today these non Muslims don’t even have a proper place for cremation!

After the fall of the Taliban, Afghanistan’s judicial system was fragmented, with conflicts between such core institutions as the Ministry of Justice, Supreme Court, and attorney general’s office. In addition, the judicial system’s infrastructure was destroyed; the absence of adequate court or ministry facilities, basic office furniture, and minimal supplies made substantive progress difficult.

Women Rights.

Taliban were never against women education! Please Watch. 

Women were not prone to rape like they do now. Today women or even girls as young as 10 years old get raped and their parents can’t do anything about it because these rapists have connections with the government. Even the so called Afghan National Army, consists of drug addicts, child abusers & thieves. These rapists & criminals don’t really get caught, and they repeat these acts more than once. (Please watch the documentary on YouTube “This Is What Winning Looks Like“). Under the Taliban at least people knew their limits, at least they knew not to rape females because there were severe consequences.

The U.S. and NATO forces wiped out villages in Afghanistan, these forces bomb innocent Afghans during weddings & people who die in these wedding are mostly children and women and their number of deaths sometimes tops 100.

In 2012, Afghanistan recorded 240 cases of honor killings and 160 cases of rape.

Violence Against Women in Afghanistan Peaked in 2013. Despite a 2009 law, violence against women is on the rise in Afghanistan, hitting record levels in 2013.

US Special Forces Accused of Raping Afghan Women During Raid. (

US forces raped two women in Kandahar carnage: Probe mission. (

Afghanistan’s Rape Crisis: Villagers Fear U.S.-Backed Militias – (

US soldiers tortured and raped Iraqi women (

American soldier rapes 14 year old girl, burns her body and kills her family. (

US forces rape women in northern Afghanistan village.  (

U.S. Admits Role in February Killing of Afghan Women (

After First Denying Involvement, US Forces Admit Killing Two Pregnant Afghan Women & Teenager. (

“WE ARE HERE TO PROMOTE DEMOCRACY & FREEDOM” – Isn’t this the reason they gave us for invading Muslim countries? But, please tell me, what did the Afghan women & children gain since the invasion other than being bombed by the troops and raped by the local warlords who don’t get arrested because of poor criminal laws or their connections with the government. The west has a problem with women covering their bodies, but what are they doing? Taking off the burqa & raping them.



Even a person with half brain can know that they don’t care about Afghan women & the concern they show on media is nothing but another lie.


Killing Innocent People.

Taliban did not kill innocent people like the NATO forces do. These forces still have innocent Afghans that have been jailed for the last 7 years without any reason and they torture them and make fun of them in their own countries. No wonder you would find that the Taliban operates around 80% Afghanistan because the Afghans are tired of these acts.

Life expectancy for both genders was higher under the Taliban.

Bagram Prison is a prison run by the U.S. in Afghanistan. It is similar to Guantanamo Bay, but this prison has innocent Afghans who have been jailed and tortured without a charge, it even has inmates who are under 18. All of this happens in Afghanistan and this is one of the reasons why NATO will not win this war because they jail and torture innocent Afghans in their homeland.

Unemployment Rate.

The unemployment rate under the Taliban was 8% and now its 40%.


If people say that at the time of Taliban there were no human rights, has something changed after the invasion? Yes, from Bad to Worse & is getting even worse day by day.  The sad thing about this war is most people in the West think that these Afghans have their freedoms but what happens in that country is the opposite of what we think, there are still no HUMAN RIGHTS in Afghanistan. Please watch.

Everything Takes Time.

Sayed Rahmatullah Hashimi a Taliban envoy said: “We are not 100% perfect & nobody is perfect, we do have shortcomings & we do need to emend our policies, but we cannot do everything overnight.”

And he was right because, Afghanistan was improving and becoming a better country under the Taliban and eventually things were going to change and improve, but the U.S. ruined the country.

The Taliban did not enforce the brand of Islam by gun, as it is shown in the media, the people welcomed them. If the Afghans would not have wanted, the Taliban wouldn’t have lasted that long. Today, if you go to Afghanistan and ask any random Afghans about who they prefer to have as a government then they would tell you that they prefer the Taliban over the current government. Today Afghanistan is in a better condition than before 1996, because of the Taliban, if it wasn’t for the Taliban, the situation in Afghanistan would be similar to Somalia or worse.

So, What Is That One Thing Which Is An Obstacle In Achieving Their Local Agenda of NWO? What Is That One Reason That They Attack Muslim Countries, One After The Other?

It can’t be women rights, freedom or security as we have seen, so what can it be?

Very few people are aware that before US attacked Afghanistan, Taliban implemented only a part of Sharia in areas that were under their rule & due to this, there was peace in the country. And in my view the only reason US attacked Afghanistan at that time was that, they did not want the world to know what Sharia Law is & how implementing only a part of this system can solve the problem of turmoil & injustice. It became a threat not to humans but the New World Order. US’s mission is only to kill people who want Islamic Law to be implemented in the Muslims countries not the terrorists, because whom they call the terrorists, Al Qaeda, in reality does not even exist. The Taliban that are fighting against the US are not terrorists, they are the true freedom fighters. They are protecting their people, lands. They are giving their lives just to end this oppression & injustice.

al qaeda

West has done everything possible to make people believe that Sharia is barbaric & against women. Through Internet, newspapers, TV, Radio, they have brainwashed people to an extent that when someone hears the word Sharia, they say ‘Barbaric’..!!! And unfortunately very few try to find out the truth behind all these lies.

Results Of The War.

After Obama sent 20,000-30,000 troops to Afghanistan, the Taliban got stronger than ever and now they operate on 80% of the country. Most Afghans are supporting the Taliban, there is only 25,000 Taliban and 105,000 NATO and they still can’t eliminate the Taliban. And now they are begging the Taliban to join the Afghan government. This clearly shows that U.S./NATO are losing this war and that most Afghans are against this occupation.

Afghanistan is not improving under this occupation in anyway, but sadly people think differently and there is no way Afghanistan would improve under this corrupted government. We need to get our facts straight about the Taliban and stop listening to CNN and BBC News because they’re biased.

If you actually want to know who the real murderers and corrupted officials are then you can find them in the current Afghan government. And US government supports these criminals, for an example Hamid Karzai’s brother Ahmed Wali Karzai made 90% from the Opium production in southern Afghanistan and he still got paid by the CIA.

In the last 30 years the Taliban was the best government the Afghans could ever have. They had some inappropriate rules and that’s true, but their positive impact outweighs the current government’s positive impacts and the current government’s negative impact outweighs the Taliban’s negative impacts.

The rules are simple they lie t


After looking at the stats & facts, anyone can come to a conclusion that, this occupation is not helping the Afghans in any way & Sharia Law is not a threat to humans, infact it is a blessing, but the greedy, selfish & bloodthirsty government & the media does not want people to know the reality, because once people come to realize this, it will become a problem for their New World Order. This is why they are bombarding us every minute with the lie, that Sharia is Barbaric when in reality, it is the only law that can solve the problems of today’s world. History is also a proof. Whenever Sharia law was implemented, the situation was very different. From the time of the Prophet, Muhammad (peace be upon Him) to the time of Ottomons, Islamic Law has proved itself & every other law has failed.

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Today, almost all the Muslims say, we want Sharia (the Islamic Law). But, when we look at it, we find that what people are looking for isn’t really Sharia. Meaning, if you ask them, “What is your definition of sharia, why are you asking for sharia?” They say: “Because, we want them to cut the hands of the ones who steals, & to kill the killer & to stone the adulterer“. And then they would say, “this certain country or that place is applying Sharia, because they would cut the hands of the one who would steal & they would kill the killer“. Same is with the non Muslims, the minute they hear the world Sharia, they say, ‘oh they cut hands, oppress women & stone the adulterer’. And this is because of the media telling us day & night that Muslims did this & that, under Sharia Law. And as Hitler said: “Repeat a lie & eventually they will believe it.”

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But, Is That Sharia? Is That All What Sharia Is About?

The answer is No! This is not Sharia, this is only part of a section of the Islamic law. Which is the criminal chord, the criminal law, that’s it!!! In fact, There is no country on earth today which implements the Shari’ah completely, rather they implement man made systems which do not derive from Islam. The systems they rule by are oppressive and unjust, and often permit what Allah (God) has prohibited such as interest, alcohol, prostitution etc.”

Do we think that, Allah has sent all of the Prophets & all of the religions just to cut the hands of the ones who steals & to stone the adulterer & to kill the killer? And then, also, what segment of the society do these people make? The thieves & the killers & the rapists & the adulterers, what proportion do they make? We all are well aware that it’s a minority of the society. So, do you think that, all what Islam does is, deal with these people & the rest of us, we don’t have any law to apply to us? Is that the Islamic law, is that the Sharia? No, That’s not Sharia, it’s only a small part of Sharia.

What Actually Do We Mean, When We Say, We Want Sharia?

The Islamic sharia that we are searching for is based on one important pillar & that is “Justice”. Justice For Everyone. If you are going to court, you will get a fair trial, the judge will treat you justly (even if you are not a Muslim), preserving the rights of others. Justice is an important pillar & then the Sharia is to apply the religion of Allah completely.

Let’s look at the Caliphs of Islam, which are our standard that we look at.

Abu Bakr – The First Caliph – During all the time of Abu Bakr, we don’t know any history, that he has stoned any adulterer. Does that mean that Abu bakr was not applying Sharia? No, it means that this case never showed up in his time. Abu Bakr was busy in applying Sharia, day & night. He was establishing Islam by fighting the oppressors & wrongdoers & establishing a strong Islamic government. He was dealing with this project & was applying the Sharia.

Umar Ibn Khattab – The Second Caliph – In the time of Umar Ibn Khattab, he came & found stability that was left behind from Abu Bakr. The Islamic Khilafah was already stable. He did not have to do anything as it was stabilized by Abu Bakr. Now Umar had to establish the institutions. So he made a treasury, to take care of the salaries of the government employees & the army. And then he established new ways & laws to divide the land among Muslims. And then he started paving the roads & making these infrastructure services for the people. And then he worked on some other projects which were dealing with very important role of Khilafah & that is the issue of Jihad. And he is the one who took care of the Jihad with the oppressive Persian Empire. So, by the time of the third caliph, Uthman Ibn Affan, Islam was spreading all over central Asia.

Uthman Ibn Affan – The Third Caliph – His sharia was that he worked on a very important project & that is, the preservation of Qur’an. And he also worked on spreading towards the East & continuing with the victories towards the North.

Ali Ibn Abi Talib – The Fourth Caliph – At the time of Ali, he had to deal with internal conflicts, which were in the Muslim Ummah. So, Ali devoted his time of caliphate which was four years, to solve this internal conflict that was caused by the assassination of Uthman Ibn Affan. Ali had to deal with that problem for four years.

Muawiyah Ibn Abu Sufyan – And then in the time of Muawiyah, he came to deal with other problems. He was the first one to establish the Islamic Navy.

All of this is the establishment of Sharia. We need to work on these projects , which will serve the Muslims & Non Muslims. The people in the time of Umar & the times of these Caliphs, lived with peace & security. They would travel from east to the west fearing no one but Allah. They would do their business & they would not worry, they would leave their stores open, & go for prayer. Even the Jews would run away from Christian land & go & seek refuge with the Muslims. They ran away from oppressive Europe, from the oppression of Romans & they sought refuge in Spain. And once Spain fell in capital hands, they left Spain & went to Istanbul to be under the watchful eye of the caliph of Banu Uthman. They chose to be right left to the caliph.

This is the establishment of Sharia & this is what we are looking for, it is not an issue of just establishing this one issue of Sharia, which is important obviously – the criminal law – because you cannot have security unless the criminals are put at check. But, Sharia is larger than that. It encompasses everything that is Islamic. Establishment of the religion of Allah.

A Muslim Leader Cannot Do What He Thinks Is Correct.

A very very important thing for the Muslim Leader Is, “Don’t Follow Your Desires”. Our problem now with the Islamic work is that we always deal with others based on our desires. For example, If I have a certain problem with you, I continue with that problem & I try to justify it from an Islamic point of view. But this is not Islam that is instigating my dealing with you, it is my hatred towards you & then I am misusing Islam to fulfill it. This is not acceptable in Islam! We “have to” instigate our actions based on Islam & then we push our desires to follow the direction of the Sharia. Wherever Islam goes, that is where we put our desires. And this is Jihad (struggle) of the Nafs (self). You don’t do things according to what you want, you do things according to what Allah wants. You do it Allah’s way, not your way. This is no doubt a very difficult discipline  but a very important Jihad. The Jihad of your soul, to fight these internal conflicts that are going on in your heart, in order follow the law of Allah & to follow what Allah wants from you even if it against your own self & this is the meaning of the word Islam,“Submitting Your Will To Allah Only“.

~ Anwar Al Awlaki. 

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