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I am a woman & I am against feminism, because, today, our men are suffering because of the abuse of women. And this video is another attempt to show how innocent women are & how bad men are (which is a blatant lie). 

Boys do cry & this is something natural. They get upset, they have a heart, they feel. Instead of telling them “boys don’t cry”, we should try to know why are they crying, why are they upset.

Our beloved Prophet Muhammad (salallahu aleyhe wassalam) used to cry. We must treat men (father/brother/husband/son) nicely, we must treat them like human, we must talk to them when they are upset, and don’t make them feel that crying is something unnatural. They will stop crying in front of us, but will get mentally sick & can even get depressed.

I am sick of people talking about ONLY women’s rights. Today’s society have completely ignored men. I never see anything which shows the real face of women? how they treat men? how they abuse men?

We must stop this & we must stop taking men for granted.

Tragedy Of Today’s Male Society. 

”She can beat the shit out of a man because she is angry, but if he does, then he is women beater.”

If He takes beating from women, people say – he is beaten up by a woman, he is not a man.  (Kya aadmi hai ladki se maar khata hai).

If He beats her back, people say – He is a loser, he beats a woman.  (Kya aadmi hai ladki ko maarta hai).

And these kind of cunning video surfaces up regularly, this time blaming the parenting. And shame on these actresses who, for only a small amount of money promote such biased videos.


Why are men always ignored? Why don’t we find “Malism”? What good has feminism done to women, as well as men? These are some questions that we all must ask ourselves. 

“Feminism is the root of many women’s & also men’s unhappiness and plays a huge part in our societies decline. You can try and fight nature, repress genetics, fight your subconscious and desires but in the end many feminist are miserable and it shows. Of all the women I know by far the happier ones embrace their femininity, the most miserable and angry ones I personally know are both feminist.

Today’s Feminist have merged “Being Equal with Being The Same” & that’s the problem. The harder today’s feminist push, the more miserable today’s women will be, b/c feminist are not embracing the differences between men and women.

Just one example is how Men can process stress more efficiently but women have much superior emotional capabilities. “Equally important but Different!

I believe today’s men are put off by the overly aggressive and excessively independent women (me included) just as women (even feminist) in the end will not feel satisfied with a weaker Beta / Passive man.

It’s in our DNA and if you argue with that, then you argue with the science of biology. STOP THE MADNESS!”  (Unknown)

I believe a woman is made for home (it does not mean, she must not be educated or go out to meet family or friends etc, by this i mean, even if she is educated, she must not forget her duties & responsibilities). A woman has responsibilities, her husband, her kids, her house etc. I believe that a man & woman are like two wheels of a car, if we place both wheels on the same side, the car wont work. In the same way, today women are trying to become men & this is against their nature. How can they find happiness acting unnaturally? I think, they can not. And the statistics show the same. Women are more sad & disappointed in today’s world.

Islam is the most hated religion because people think women do not get equal rights. But in Islam, the responsibilities are divided which makes the rights of both genders, “equal but not same“. The responsibilities & rights are divided according to natures. For example, if a woman has responsibility of upbringing of children, staying loyal with the husband, a husband along with loyalty, has all the financial responsibilities. The husband should give his wife the marriage gift and this will be her own property.The wife will get full maintenance from her husband e.g. food, clothing, housing, education, recreation, medication etc. Even if the wife is rich, she need not spend single penny for her husband or family. All these are the responsibilities of the husband. 

So, as we can see there is a balance. “Equal But Not Same.” And this is what makes a Happy family.. That’s what i believe..!!!

Please click on the link below to know the results of feminism.