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A revolution is considered an event which has a MAJOR impact on changing the political, economic or social structure of society – usually in a short space of time. The aims of revolutions are usually tied to an ideology.

Prophet of Islam, Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) is the greatest revolutionary in the history of the World.

“If we compare the Revolution of the Holy Prophet (peace be upon Him) with the French Revolution and the Russian Revolution it becomes evident that the French Revolution succeeded in changing only the political system and the Russian revolution changed only the economic system. But the Revolution of Holy Prophet changed everything….religion, belief, rituals, the political system, the economic system and the entire social fabric.” Dr Israr Ahmad.

The greatest need of Muslim Ummah today, is not wealth, government, fame, technology, education, democracy, but according to me, the most important need is, that Muslims understand the way of Muhammad, His way of bringing revolution. The only way of bringing revolution today is understanding & implementing the methodology of Prophet Muhammad peace be upon Him.

Steps Taken By Prophet Muhammad In Bringing Revolution.

1- Ideology.

Called people to believe in One God. He said: “Oh people, believe that there is no God but Allah & you will be successful” (at this point, he said nothing about His Prophet hood).

‘There is no deity worthy of worship except God’ this conviction creates a world view, a perspective and a unique behavior. It essential means that all actions – from having a shower to picking up litter from the floor – should be referred to the Creator. This establishes a constant awareness, mindfulness and consciousness of God in everything that the Muslim says or does.

This means that there will be no human sovereignty. No human is hakim (owner) of anything (meaning, negation of communism & capitalism). Ownership & sovereignty only belongs to Allah. Ownership for Allah & Caliphate for humans. Sovereignty for Allah & Trust for humans.

Humans need to be intellectually convinced. The Prophet was told to simply give the message and not worry whether people converted or not, therefore, there is no question in Islam of forcing your opinions on any one else, as the Qur’an tells us that there is “no compulsion in religion.”

He stood up against oppression & injustice & called people to unite under the flag of monotheism.


His message was, that, each & every human is equal on a social level. For example, a CEO & office tea boy have different posts & duties, but as humans they are equal. It was an end of racism. And to spread this message, He used all the means possible, at that time.

racism end

2- Organizing People.

Second step was to organize the people, who accepted His message & agreed to stand up against oppression & injustice. For this, He introduced the practice of taking pledge. Asked people to give Him pledge of allegiance on the following conditions:

We will listen and obey (the orders) both at the time when we are active and at the time when we are tired, and at our difficult time and at our ease and to be obedient to the ruler (but, we will say what we think is right, we won’t think that it is silly, we will say whatever our suggestions will be & the decision will be yours) and give him his right even if he did not give us our right, and not to fight against him unless we noticed him having open Kufr (disbelief) for which we would have a proof with us from Allah.”

The Prophet did not have a need to take this pledge, as the companions believed in Him, but He introduced this system for the future, so that Muslims follow His way instead of the western ways.

3- Training People.

Third step was to train the people. It included the following things,

i- The idea of bringing a revolution must always be on the minds of people & the way of doing this is, studying the Qur’an, because studying it will keep reminding them about their goal.

ii- ‘No resistance’, not at any cost. Even if the enemy cuts you in pieces, don’t resist.

iii- Spending everything in the way of Allah.

iv- Strong belief in the hereafter. If your heart is attached to this world, you become weak.


4- Passive Resistance.

For 3 long years, the Prophet was attacked with hate speech. People called him mad, magician, poet etc. It hurted him, but He stayed patient & responded them by simply turning His face to someone else, but never got rude or harsh. And He told the same to His companions.


After 3 years when the enemy noticed that the Muslims are standing firm & more & more people are converting to Islam, they started physical persecution. They did not give them food to eat, the rich were imprisoned & the poor slaves were beaten in the worst ways, in the center of the streets, a woman companion was killed in front of her son, but none of the Muslims resisted.

As a result of this, sympathies of the people diverted towards the Muslims,  they realized that these people did nothing wrong, they only said, “we believe that there is no God but Allah & Muhammad is the Prophet of Allah”.

After this, when Abu Talib died, who was protecting the Prophet, the disbelievers decided to kill Him. At this point, the Prophet migrated to Madinah. Even in Madinah, he did not resist for 6 months but took some very important decisions.

i- Constructed the mosque. It was not only a mosque but also an institution, a place of worship, parliament, suggestion center & a government house.

ii -Second important decision that He took was, He made one immigrant (muhajir) brother of one Muslim from Madinah (ansaar).

iii- And third decision was that Muslim and Jewish clans signed a pact to protect each other, in case Madina gets attacked.

5- Active Resistance.

This is the most crucial step in the process of revolution. If it is not taken on the right time, all the efforts will be wasted.

After taking these decisions, The Prophet started the active resistance by sending small groups of people to block the ways from where the Quraish used to take their goods for trade,  in other words, ‘Economic blockade of Makkah’.  Also, the Prophet talked to the clans who supported Quraish & due to this, the political influence of Quraish was diminishing & of Prophet was increasing.  During all this time, there was no movement from the Quraish, this initiative was taken by the Prophet. (This is what some scolars of Islam lied about. To please the non believers, they invented this lie that the Prophet never initiated anything).

initiative 1

The war started when Muslims had a fight with one of the clans of Quraish & a Muslim man killed one of the non Muslim. The Prophet got angry at this, because He ordered his companions to not fight or kill anyone. But when this happened, the war started. And as all of this was done after a preparation of 6 years, as a result Muslims got successful & the greatest revolution on earth happened which changed everything – religion, belief, rituals, the political system, the economic system and the entire social fabric.”. It was an end of oppression, injustice, nationalism, racism & falsehood.

give freedom


Prophet (peace be upon Him) never sent anyone out of Makkah to spread the message of Islam for 10 years. He had money but still he did not send anyone to other Empires with His message. In the 10th year, He went to Tai’f, and called people to Islam. Later, when He came to Madinah, He worked only inside Arab.

When the treaty of Hudaibyah took place & Quraish recognized Muhammad and acknowledged him as a leader, it was only after this that He sent his people to other Empires, to call people towards Islam.

This is the essence of revolutionary process, that it does not spread in the initial stages,  like the missionary work & tableghi work, but the revolutionary process goes up in one direction & then spreads. Muhammad ‘s struggle was not of missionary type, it was revolutionary type.

And this is how the greatest revolution in history took place. If Muslims of today want to bring a revolution, ‘tabdeeli’ or inqilab’, the only way to accomplish this mission is by following the way of the Prophet (peace be upon Him) & rejecting the ways of the west & saying no to Democracy, Capitalism, etc.


In democracy, the minorities are “forced” to accept the rules of the majority – Majority Rules.

One should keep in mind that the vast majority of mankind does not comprise of people who utilize their intellect and reasoning faculty. It would not be too far fetched to term such people as”two legged animals”. They follow their society’s conventional trends and simply mimic the behavior of those around them. They swim in the direction of the social current and tide of their time and only change their direction as the current changes. They never question as to who they are, where have they come from or where they are going?

So, how can democracy be a fair system when the majority are just sheep?


It is mentioned in Quran: “And if you obey most of those on the earth, they will mislead you far away from Allah’s path.”

The Creator of everything is telling us that most of the people of the earth, are misguided. They follow nothing but conjecture (a guess), and they do nothing but lie.

The rules are simple they lie t

This verse clearly shows that Democracy cannot be a fair system. Imagine, if the majority of the people are misguided & the sovereignty is given to them, what will be the result?? Infact, we all can see the results today. Democracy has given us nothing except wars, destruction & slavery. 


On the other hand, in Islamic Caliphate, the religious minorities have a right to have their separate legal system. They are free to choose, which courts they want to go to, whether the Muslim or their own court system & the rules of the majority do not apply to them.


Muslims are told that they have religious freedom in the west… But what religious freedom do they have? When, they are forced to accept a legal system that is not Islamic?

It is the issue of the numbers in the west while in the Muslim world whether the Christians were majority or minority in a community, they had their rights protected even if it was one person. Islam is very accommodating to the religious minorities, not only did they survived but they flourished. Christian Arabs flourished in Syria, Jordan, Egypt, Palestine, Iraq & that’s why they still exist today. If the Muslim Caliphs wanted to wipe them out, they could have done it so easily because the Christians & the Jews had no power whatsoever to resist the will of the Caliphs, but they flourished.

And the Jews would run away from Christian land & go & seek refuge with the Muslims. They ran away from oppressive Europe, from the oppression of Romans & they sought refuge in Spain. And once Spain fell in capital hands, they left Spain & went to Istanbul to be under the watchful eye of the Caliph of Banu Uthman. They chose to be right left to the Caliph.

Al Ghazali says: “The religious freedom that was granted by Islam, has never seen any similar situation to it on any of the 5 continents. (and then he says something very important). A religion never had a monopoly over power & gave another religion freedom to exist except Islam.”

If we want to say that the west today is granting religious minorities freedom, that is because it is a secular system & not a religious system. Now the west is warning against theocracy & they have a right to be worried, because they have experienced it. When the west was living under theocracies, it had the religious wars, the accusations etc. But they are making the mistake by assuming that Islam is the same, because , “Islam Is An Exception.”

In Islam, Absolute Right For Legislation Is For None But Allah.”  A very very important thing for the Muslim Leader Is, “Don’t Follow Your Desires”. Our problem now with the Islamic work is that we always deal with others based on our desires. For example, If I have a certain problem with you, I continue with that problem & I try to justify it from an Islamic point of view. But this is not Islam that is instigating my dealing with you, it is my hatred towards you & then I am misusing Islam to fulfill it. This is not acceptable in Islam! We “have to” instigate our actions based on Islam & then we push our desires to follow the direction of the Sharia. Wherever Islam goes, that is where we put our desires. And this is Jihad (struggle) of the Nafs (self). You don’t do things according to what you want, you do things according to what Allah wants. You do it Allah’s way, not your way. This is no doubt a very difficult discipline  but a very important Jihad. The Jihad of your soul, to fight these internal conflicts that are going on in your heart, in order follow the law of Allah & to follow what Allah wants from you even if it against your own self & this is the meaning of the word Islam,Submitting Your Will To Allah Only“.

There can be only one condition where the rule of majority can be accepted and that can be explained with this example.

If you have a dinner at your place & you want to serve wine, but, you know that it has been declared prohibited by Allah, so there can be no way you serve it, its out of the question. Hence, you will than have to decide between orange juice, apple juice etc, & for this reason, you can go for what the majority says. Meaning the majority can rule but under the rules defined by Allah & His Messenger (peace be upon Him).

Giving the sovereignty to the majority means that if they say that, they want wine, you will have to serve it. Same is the case in Democracy.

Islamic law is fair, because there is no human sovereignty. Each & every individual have to follow the law of his/her Creator only. And this gives true freedom to everyone because any individual can correct a leader at any point of time. No injustice can be done, if the leader is unjust & he does something that goes against the law of the Creator, people are free to go against him, unlike today. Today, people are slaves of their governments. They do what they are ordered to, even if it is unfair & unjust. They are not allowed to question or say no & if they do, either they end up in jail or are killed.


Bernard Lewis presents some of his conclusions about Islamic culture, Shari’a Law, jihad, and the modern day phenomenon of terrorism in his text, Islam: The Religion and the People. He writes of jihad as a distinct “religious obligation”, but suggests that “it is a pity” that people engaging in terrorist activities are not more aware of their own religion:

“Muslim fighters are commanded not to kill women, children, or the aged unless they attack first; not to torture or otherwise ill-treat prisoners; to give fair warning of the opening of hostilities or their resumption after a truce; and to honor agreements. … At no time did the classical jurists offer any approval or legitimacy to what we nowadays call terrorism. Nor indeed is there any evidence of the use of terrorism as it is practiced nowadays.”

In Lewis’ view, the “by now widespread terrorism practice of suicide bombing is a development of the 20th century” with “no antecedents in Islamic history, and no justification in terms of Islamic theology, law, or tradition.” He further comments that “the fanatical warrior offering his victims the choice of the Koran or the sword is not only untrue, it is impossible” and that “generally speaking, Muslim tolerance of unbelievers was far better than anything available in Christendom, until the rise of secularism in the 17th century.”

Today, the west is brainwashing people by calling democracy a modern system & Islamic law an outdated, old system.  But very few are aware that…


In conclusion, we can say that the solution for today’s modern world  is the Islamic Sharia, the modern & new system, not the outdated & old, democracy, where people have to become slaves of some rich, greedy, unjust & dishonest people!!!

You Be The Judge!!!

When Your Government Calls Someone A Terrorist, Start Searching For The Truth Yourself.

Ever wondered, why did US fake 9/11 to attack a poor country like Afghanistan? US soldiers rape, kill & burn women in Afghanistan, so can the reason be women rights? Is it for the resources or oil? How can it be for money when they have already spent trillions of dollars on this war & are still spending & now, even if they were to take every last drop of oil, they are not going to make their money back? So, what can be the reason?

We will have to understand, “what does US actually want” in order to know the answers of the above questions. And we all know that they want to rule the world, they want New World Order, according to which every single human will be their slave. But there is only one thing that is not letting them do so, let’s examine what that is?

In this article, I have highlighted the situation of Afghanistan before 9/11 & after 9/11.

The people who think that the Taliban are murderers and criminals, well you are wrong. As the media portrays that Taliban are the most savage barbaric & uncivilized people on earth but in reality those uncivilized people asked the so called most civilized people “US” to give them a proof that Bin Laden was involved in 9/11 & they will hand him over & there will be no war, but US could not provide a single evidence, simply because it was a false flag & instead, bombed & invaded the whole country. And shockingly, the US special forces did not get in the area where Bin Laden was for two months. A mass murderer who attacked the US was given two month head start? Does this make sense? Do you think that they spoke the truth, when they said that we have attacked Afghanistan because of our security? Know the truth, please watch.

The Situation In Afghanistan Was Much Better Under The Taliban.

Afghan Taliban were far better than the current government and here is why;

“Many rural Afghans have come to trust the Taliban’s extensive judicial network over government courts to “solve disputes in a fair war, without tribal or ethnic bias, or more commonly, without having to pay bribes”. “Ordinary people turned to Taliban courts in search of justice less corrupt than the system imposed by outsiders.” says Graeme Smith, a Kabul- based senior analyst at the International Crisis Group.

Mullah Muhammad Umar Said:

Muhammad Omar

Sounds like a terrorist?

Crime Rates.

The crime rates were very very low which Afghans did not have for more than 20 years. Before 1996 the Afghans never expected to live a life with really low crime rates, they only dreamed to have a life like that. Even the Northern alliance was brutal group that raped women and murdered anyone they saw on the streets, they didn’t care who you were. They ruled Afghanistan from 1992-96 and they were 10 times worse than the Taliban. But still, the northern alliance are in the government now, because they supported the USA. This basically means that if you support the USA, you will be safe, even if you commit crimes. 

During the Taliban days it was so safe that you go out in the middle of the night and walk on the streets with a bag full of money and no one would dare to steal it. Even some people left their stores open and no one would steal anything. But, since the downfall of the Taliban, crime rate has significantly increased in the capital city Kabul. Armed robberies are regularly reported in the western districts of Kabul. Between March 2002 and January 2003, 48 cases of homicide, 80 cases of theft and 12 cases of kidnappings were reported within Kabul municipal boundaries.

In July, 2000 the Taliban banned the growing of opium and the production went down by 91%, the ban was so effective that Helmend province recorded no poppy cultivation during the 2001 season. Since the downfall of the Taliban in 2001, cultivation and trafficking of opium has increased significantly.

poppy field

Taliban also knew how to keep the drug problem under control and crack down on drug addicts in Afghanistan. Today 2-4% of the Afghan population are drug addicts.

Even the Afghan Hindus and Sikhs had a better life under the Taliban because they were not harrased by Muslims and their lands were not taken by anyone. A lot of Hindus and Sikhs say that, they feel more oppressed and isolated today than they did under the Taliban. Also, sometimes even their lands gets taken by powerful people. Today these non Muslims don’t even have a proper place for cremation!

After the fall of the Taliban, Afghanistan’s judicial system was fragmented, with conflicts between such core institutions as the Ministry of Justice, Supreme Court, and attorney general’s office. In addition, the judicial system’s infrastructure was destroyed; the absence of adequate court or ministry facilities, basic office furniture, and minimal supplies made substantive progress difficult.

Women Rights.

Taliban were never against women education! Please Watch. 

Women were not prone to rape like they do now. Today women or even girls as young as 10 years old get raped and their parents can’t do anything about it because these rapists have connections with the government. Even the so called Afghan National Army, consists of drug addicts, child abusers & thieves. These rapists & criminals don’t really get caught, and they repeat these acts more than once. (Please watch the documentary on YouTube “This Is What Winning Looks Like“). Under the Taliban at least people knew their limits, at least they knew not to rape females because there were severe consequences.

The U.S. and NATO forces wiped out villages in Afghanistan, these forces bomb innocent Afghans during weddings & people who die in these wedding are mostly children and women and their number of deaths sometimes tops 100.

In 2012, Afghanistan recorded 240 cases of honor killings and 160 cases of rape.

Violence Against Women in Afghanistan Peaked in 2013. Despite a 2009 law, violence against women is on the rise in Afghanistan, hitting record levels in 2013.

US Special Forces Accused of Raping Afghan Women During Raid. (

US forces raped two women in Kandahar carnage: Probe mission. (

Afghanistan’s Rape Crisis: Villagers Fear U.S.-Backed Militias – (

US soldiers tortured and raped Iraqi women (

American soldier rapes 14 year old girl, burns her body and kills her family. (

US forces rape women in northern Afghanistan village.  (

U.S. Admits Role in February Killing of Afghan Women (

After First Denying Involvement, US Forces Admit Killing Two Pregnant Afghan Women & Teenager. (

“WE ARE HERE TO PROMOTE DEMOCRACY & FREEDOM” – Isn’t this the reason they gave us for invading Muslim countries? But, please tell me, what did the Afghan women & children gain since the invasion other than being bombed by the troops and raped by the local warlords who don’t get arrested because of poor criminal laws or their connections with the government. The west has a problem with women covering their bodies, but what are they doing? Taking off the burqa & raping them.



Even a person with half brain can know that they don’t care about Afghan women & the concern they show on media is nothing but another lie.


Killing Innocent People.

Taliban did not kill innocent people like the NATO forces do. These forces still have innocent Afghans that have been jailed for the last 7 years without any reason and they torture them and make fun of them in their own countries. No wonder you would find that the Taliban operates around 80% Afghanistan because the Afghans are tired of these acts.

Life expectancy for both genders was higher under the Taliban.

Bagram Prison is a prison run by the U.S. in Afghanistan. It is similar to Guantanamo Bay, but this prison has innocent Afghans who have been jailed and tortured without a charge, it even has inmates who are under 18. All of this happens in Afghanistan and this is one of the reasons why NATO will not win this war because they jail and torture innocent Afghans in their homeland.

Unemployment Rate.

The unemployment rate under the Taliban was 8% and now its 40%.


If people say that at the time of Taliban there were no human rights, has something changed after the invasion? Yes, from Bad to Worse & is getting even worse day by day.  The sad thing about this war is most people in the West think that these Afghans have their freedoms but what happens in that country is the opposite of what we think, there are still no HUMAN RIGHTS in Afghanistan. Please watch.

Everything Takes Time.

Sayed Rahmatullah Hashimi a Taliban envoy said: “We are not 100% perfect & nobody is perfect, we do have shortcomings & we do need to emend our policies, but we cannot do everything overnight.”

And he was right because, Afghanistan was improving and becoming a better country under the Taliban and eventually things were going to change and improve, but the U.S. ruined the country.

The Taliban did not enforce the brand of Islam by gun, as it is shown in the media, the people welcomed them. If the Afghans would not have wanted, the Taliban wouldn’t have lasted that long. Today, if you go to Afghanistan and ask any random Afghans about who they prefer to have as a government then they would tell you that they prefer the Taliban over the current government. Today Afghanistan is in a better condition than before 1996, because of the Taliban, if it wasn’t for the Taliban, the situation in Afghanistan would be similar to Somalia or worse.

So, What Is That One Thing Which Is An Obstacle In Achieving Their Local Agenda of NWO? What Is That One Reason That They Attack Muslim Countries, One After The Other?

It can’t be women rights, freedom or security as we have seen, so what can it be?

Very few people are aware that before US attacked Afghanistan, Taliban implemented only a part of Sharia in areas that were under their rule & due to this, there was peace in the country. And in my view the only reason US attacked Afghanistan at that time was that, they did not want the world to know what Sharia Law is & how implementing only a part of this system can solve the problem of turmoil & injustice. It became a threat not to humans but the New World Order. US’s mission is only to kill people who want Islamic Law to be implemented in the Muslims countries not the terrorists, because whom they call the terrorists, Al Qaeda, in reality does not even exist. The Taliban that are fighting against the US are not terrorists, they are the true freedom fighters. They are protecting their people, lands. They are giving their lives just to end this oppression & injustice.

al qaeda

West has done everything possible to make people believe that Sharia is barbaric & against women. Through Internet, newspapers, TV, Radio, they have brainwashed people to an extent that when someone hears the word Sharia, they say ‘Barbaric’..!!! And unfortunately very few try to find out the truth behind all these lies.

Results Of The War.

After Obama sent 20,000-30,000 troops to Afghanistan, the Taliban got stronger than ever and now they operate on 80% of the country. Most Afghans are supporting the Taliban, there is only 25,000 Taliban and 105,000 NATO and they still can’t eliminate the Taliban. And now they are begging the Taliban to join the Afghan government. This clearly shows that U.S./NATO are losing this war and that most Afghans are against this occupation.

Afghanistan is not improving under this occupation in anyway, but sadly people think differently and there is no way Afghanistan would improve under this corrupted government. We need to get our facts straight about the Taliban and stop listening to CNN and BBC News because they’re biased.

If you actually want to know who the real murderers and corrupted officials are then you can find them in the current Afghan government. And US government supports these criminals, for an example Hamid Karzai’s brother Ahmed Wali Karzai made 90% from the Opium production in southern Afghanistan and he still got paid by the CIA.

In the last 30 years the Taliban was the best government the Afghans could ever have. They had some inappropriate rules and that’s true, but their positive impact outweighs the current government’s positive impacts and the current government’s negative impact outweighs the Taliban’s negative impacts.

The rules are simple they lie t


After looking at the stats & facts, anyone can come to a conclusion that, this occupation is not helping the Afghans in any way & Sharia Law is not a threat to humans, infact it is a blessing, but the greedy, selfish & bloodthirsty government & the media does not want people to know the reality, because once people come to realize this, it will become a problem for their New World Order. This is why they are bombarding us every minute with the lie, that Sharia is Barbaric when in reality, it is the only law that can solve the problems of today’s world. History is also a proof. Whenever Sharia law was implemented, the situation was very different. From the time of the Prophet, Muhammad (peace be upon Him) to the time of Ottomons, Islamic Law has proved itself & every other law has failed.

Michael Scheuer



When people become more & more obsessed with materialism, they bring their children up with the philosophy ‘work work money money, work work money money’. They teach their kids, ‘work work money money’, do they then think, those children are going to care about them? Why will they care about them when they reach old age? They taught them work work money money, not mom dad, money money. Why will they think about them? All they have in their mind is money, enjoyment, fun, let me enjoy the life & that’s all.

The consumer materialistic society has another problem & i.e, it is going to destroy itself. It has to. It is inevitable. Anyone of you can pick up books of history and study them, it’s the same again & again. The history is always repeating itself, the lesson of history is the same. You always find that when a civilization becomes powerful, rich, obsessed with wealth & materialism, the morals begin to decline & the people no longer care about right & wrong, they only care about enjoying themselves, then you will see that the society will collapse.

A society is when human beings live together, cooperate together, try to achieve something together & they work together in order to reach some benefit but if it is every man for himself & all I care about is me & myself, enjoying myself, then does this not contradict the whole idea of society? So, what you find happening is that children no longer care about their parents, the people who are poor are still exposed to the same advertisements, to the same TV commercials, to the same ideas & they think, “we need money, we need wealth” “how can we be happy if we don’t have these things?” And, if they don’t get them by earning, what do you think they will do?

They will steal in order to get it, they will rob people if they have to get it & this is certainly what is happening in the USA. People kill each other, kids kill someone for the Trainers, people will take the life of another human being for a wrist watch! And it’s not just to do with the fact that he has a drug habit, it has to do with his mentality. He thinks that, if I wear these shoes, I will have respect, I will be something, It will make me important, because that is what the advertisements tell him; “Just Do It”.

If you have got this, you are something, you are special & so they feel, “now I have these shoes” “now I have this jacket” “now I have this thing” therefore, “I am something” “I am important”.

For just a piece of cloth which is probably made for a few rupees & they sell it for thousands of rupees or pounds or dollars, violence begins to escalate, crime becomes more. What you find is that, people are living in castles, the rich are beginning to live in enclosed areas with cameras & security guards, only the rich people can go in, there are special enclaves for the rich, and this is because, they fear the violence, they fear what is going to happen. This is happenning in the States, in England, in China.

All of us have become obsessed with this materialism, we have become overtaken by this ideology & the thing is, we are never happy. The more we have the more we want. When do you think you will be happy? When you will have your own flat, your own car? No! because, then you will say, “I want another flat, I can rent it & I can relax more & then I can have another car for my wife, for my daughter, my son and my son in law or maybe I can get a boat, or an airplane….”

When will it end?

The reality is, it never ends! The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said: “Nothing fills the belly of the son of Adam except the dust of his grave”. It is only when you are dead, only then your greed will end, your desires will be extinguished.

The Prophet (peace be upon him) said: “This duniya (world), and everything in it is cursed. There is no blessing, there is no benefit in this world,it is cursed. It is something that will cause you harm, illness, sickness, malcontent & disruption in yourself & unhappiness & unease, the whole world is like that, except the scholar of the religion (Islam), the student of knowledge, the remembrance of Allah & whatever helps you to do that.”

This worldy life is nothing but an enjoyment of deception. Accept this reality & free yourself from the worries & troubles of this worldly life. This is true freedom, freeing yourself from this curse…!!!

~Abdul Raheem Green.