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mystertHow did we come here? What was before this life, were we alive?  What will happen after death? Is death the end of our current physical life and body, including our mind? If this worldly life is a test, how is this test fair?

These are some of the questions that each & every human must ask him/herself. Below is a brief explanation on how do Muslims view life and death.

Allah says in Qur’an: “How can you disbelieve in Allah (God), Seeing that you were dead and He gave you life. Then He will give you death, then again will bring you to life and then unto Him you will return.” (2:28)

They will say: “Our Lord! You have made us to die twice, and You have given us life twice! Now we confess our sins, then is there any way to get out?” (40:11)

These verses show that, we were alive, then we died, then again we were given life (i.e this worldly life) and we will again die and then there will be another life.

Before the creation of the universe , Allah created the Souls & Angels. This is related to “Alam al-Amr (the World of Command)”.

After this from the material universe, that started with the big bang, our bodies were created. This is related to “Alam al Khalq (World of Creation).”

Alam al-Amr matters are with “Kun Fayaqoon” which means,  Allah says, “Be” & it happens, there is no time element involved in it. But in Alam al Khalq, time is involved.

So, the first phase was when all the souls were created, from Adam to the last human that will come on this earth, till the day of judgement. After creating these souls, Allah took a covenant from all of them.

Allah says in Qur’an”: “And (remember) when your Lord brought forth from the Children of Adam, from their loins, their seed and made them testify as to themselves (saying): “Am I not your Lord!” They said: “Yes! We testify,” . Lest you should say on the Day of Resurrection: “Verily, we were unaware of this.” Or lest you should say: “It was only our fathers aforetime who took others as partners in worship along with Allah, and we were (merely their) descendants after them; will You then destroy us because of the deeds of men who practiced falsehood!” (7:172-173)

The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon Him) said: “It will be said to a man from the people of the Fire on the Day of Resurrection, `If you owned all that is on the earth, would you pay it as ransom!’ He will reply, `Yes.’ Allah will say, `I ordered you with what is less than that, when you were still in Adam’s loins, that is, associate none with Me (in worship). You insisted that you associate with Me (in worship).”

From the above verse & narration we can conclude that: “As there can be no agreement if both the parties are not conscious or are not in their senses, therefore, it shows that the agreement/covenant was done when humans were in their senses & were conscious, and all of us accepted that there is no God but One, Allah.”

As all the souls were present at that time, therefore when on the day of judgement the souls will be presented in front of Allah once again, then Allah will say: “And truly you have come unto Us alone, as We created you the FIRST time. You have left behind you all that which We had bestowed on you.” (Qur’an 6:94)

After this, all the souls were put to a state of death. That was the first death we faced. We were only souls & we had no material body at that time.

This shows that, in this world we have these two existences, our body and the soul and they are joined together. About, how are they joined, we don’t know.

The Prophet said: “Each of you is constituted in your mother’s womb for forty days as a nutfah, then it becomes an ‘alaqah for an equal period, then a mudghah for another equal period, then the angel is sent and he breathes the soul into it.”

One is our bestial existence which came from the earth & one is our spiritual existence. Till the time we are alive on this earth, our souls & material bodies stay attached & when we die, our material existence goes to where it came from – the earth, but our spiritual existence did not come from the earth & will not go into the earth, it came from Allah (God) & it will return to Allah. This will be our second death, and then we will be resurrected again on the day of judgement, as it is mentioned in Qur’an: “Our Lord! You have made us to die twice, and You have given us life twice!” (40:11)

After this second death, it will be our final eternal life, either in heaven or hell (based on our deeds). And after this (second death) there will be no way to get out. So, we all must live wisely in this world, we must try our best to search for truth with sincerity. This worldy life is just a test for the hereafter, 70-80 years & we will be gone. Heaven is peace & pleasure for eternity & Hell is torture for eternity. Choose wisely. 

This Is The Philosophy Of Life & Death In Islam. Qur’an surprises me whenever I study it, & i would like to invite all the readers to study Qur’an & understand its meaning.

The Qur’an is a dynamic and intrusive text that constantly seeks to engage with the inner dispositions of man. The Qur’an achieves this by asking profound questions concerning natural phenomena, life and the universe. However the Qur’an does not stop at addressing these themes, it also asks about man himself. Who is he? Where is he going? What is he? It eloquently asks the question “Do they not reflect within themselves?” (Hamza Tsortis)

“Islam is not a ‘religion’ in the sense this term is commonly understood. It is a system encompassing all fields of living. Islam means politics, economics, legisla­tion, science, humanism, health, psychology and sociol­ogy. It is a system which makes no discrimination on the basis of race, color, language or other external categories. Its appeal is to all mankind. It wants to reach the heart of every human being.” (Abd’ul Ala Maududi)

Allah Knows Best.


When Your Government Calls Someone A Terrorist, Start Searching For The Truth Yourself.

Ever wondered, why did US fake 9/11 to attack a poor country like Afghanistan? US soldiers rape, kill & burn women in Afghanistan, so can the reason be women rights? Is it for the resources or oil? How can it be for money when they have already spent trillions of dollars on this war & are still spending & now, even if they were to take every last drop of oil, they are not going to make their money back? So, what can be the reason?

We will have to understand, “what does US actually want” in order to know the answers of the above questions. And we all know that they want to rule the world, they want New World Order, according to which every single human will be their slave. But there is only one thing that is not letting them do so, let’s examine what that is?

In this article, I have highlighted the situation of Afghanistan before 9/11 & after 9/11.

The people who think that the Taliban are murderers and criminals, well you are wrong. As the media portrays that Taliban are the most savage barbaric & uncivilized people on earth but in reality those uncivilized people asked the so called most civilized people “US” to give them a proof that Bin Laden was involved in 9/11 & they will hand him over & there will be no war, but US could not provide a single evidence, simply because it was a false flag & instead, bombed & invaded the whole country. And shockingly, the US special forces did not get in the area where Bin Laden was for two months. A mass murderer who attacked the US was given two month head start? Does this make sense? Do you think that they spoke the truth, when they said that we have attacked Afghanistan because of our security? Know the truth, please watch.

The Situation In Afghanistan Was Much Better Under The Taliban.

Afghan Taliban were far better than the current government and here is why;

“Many rural Afghans have come to trust the Taliban’s extensive judicial network over government courts to “solve disputes in a fair war, without tribal or ethnic bias, or more commonly, without having to pay bribes”. “Ordinary people turned to Taliban courts in search of justice less corrupt than the system imposed by outsiders.” says Graeme Smith, a Kabul- based senior analyst at the International Crisis Group.

Mullah Muhammad Umar Said:

Muhammad Omar

Sounds like a terrorist?

Crime Rates.

The crime rates were very very low which Afghans did not have for more than 20 years. Before 1996 the Afghans never expected to live a life with really low crime rates, they only dreamed to have a life like that. Even the Northern alliance was brutal group that raped women and murdered anyone they saw on the streets, they didn’t care who you were. They ruled Afghanistan from 1992-96 and they were 10 times worse than the Taliban. But still, the northern alliance are in the government now, because they supported the USA. This basically means that if you support the USA, you will be safe, even if you commit crimes. 

During the Taliban days it was so safe that you go out in the middle of the night and walk on the streets with a bag full of money and no one would dare to steal it. Even some people left their stores open and no one would steal anything. But, since the downfall of the Taliban, crime rate has significantly increased in the capital city Kabul. Armed robberies are regularly reported in the western districts of Kabul. Between March 2002 and January 2003, 48 cases of homicide, 80 cases of theft and 12 cases of kidnappings were reported within Kabul municipal boundaries.

In July, 2000 the Taliban banned the growing of opium and the production went down by 91%, the ban was so effective that Helmend province recorded no poppy cultivation during the 2001 season. Since the downfall of the Taliban in 2001, cultivation and trafficking of opium has increased significantly.

poppy field

Taliban also knew how to keep the drug problem under control and crack down on drug addicts in Afghanistan. Today 2-4% of the Afghan population are drug addicts.

Even the Afghan Hindus and Sikhs had a better life under the Taliban because they were not harrased by Muslims and their lands were not taken by anyone. A lot of Hindus and Sikhs say that, they feel more oppressed and isolated today than they did under the Taliban. Also, sometimes even their lands gets taken by powerful people. Today these non Muslims don’t even have a proper place for cremation!

After the fall of the Taliban, Afghanistan’s judicial system was fragmented, with conflicts between such core institutions as the Ministry of Justice, Supreme Court, and attorney general’s office. In addition, the judicial system’s infrastructure was destroyed; the absence of adequate court or ministry facilities, basic office furniture, and minimal supplies made substantive progress difficult.

Women Rights.

Taliban were never against women education! Please Watch. 

Women were not prone to rape like they do now. Today women or even girls as young as 10 years old get raped and their parents can’t do anything about it because these rapists have connections with the government. Even the so called Afghan National Army, consists of drug addicts, child abusers & thieves. These rapists & criminals don’t really get caught, and they repeat these acts more than once. (Please watch the documentary on YouTube “This Is What Winning Looks Like“). Under the Taliban at least people knew their limits, at least they knew not to rape females because there were severe consequences.

The U.S. and NATO forces wiped out villages in Afghanistan, these forces bomb innocent Afghans during weddings & people who die in these wedding are mostly children and women and their number of deaths sometimes tops 100.

In 2012, Afghanistan recorded 240 cases of honor killings and 160 cases of rape.

Violence Against Women in Afghanistan Peaked in 2013. Despite a 2009 law, violence against women is on the rise in Afghanistan, hitting record levels in 2013.

US Special Forces Accused of Raping Afghan Women During Raid. (

US forces raped two women in Kandahar carnage: Probe mission. (

Afghanistan’s Rape Crisis: Villagers Fear U.S.-Backed Militias – (

US soldiers tortured and raped Iraqi women (

American soldier rapes 14 year old girl, burns her body and kills her family. (

US forces rape women in northern Afghanistan village.  (

U.S. Admits Role in February Killing of Afghan Women (

After First Denying Involvement, US Forces Admit Killing Two Pregnant Afghan Women & Teenager. (

“WE ARE HERE TO PROMOTE DEMOCRACY & FREEDOM” – Isn’t this the reason they gave us for invading Muslim countries? But, please tell me, what did the Afghan women & children gain since the invasion other than being bombed by the troops and raped by the local warlords who don’t get arrested because of poor criminal laws or their connections with the government. The west has a problem with women covering their bodies, but what are they doing? Taking off the burqa & raping them.



Even a person with half brain can know that they don’t care about Afghan women & the concern they show on media is nothing but another lie.


Killing Innocent People.

Taliban did not kill innocent people like the NATO forces do. These forces still have innocent Afghans that have been jailed for the last 7 years without any reason and they torture them and make fun of them in their own countries. No wonder you would find that the Taliban operates around 80% Afghanistan because the Afghans are tired of these acts.

Life expectancy for both genders was higher under the Taliban.

Bagram Prison is a prison run by the U.S. in Afghanistan. It is similar to Guantanamo Bay, but this prison has innocent Afghans who have been jailed and tortured without a charge, it even has inmates who are under 18. All of this happens in Afghanistan and this is one of the reasons why NATO will not win this war because they jail and torture innocent Afghans in their homeland.

Unemployment Rate.

The unemployment rate under the Taliban was 8% and now its 40%.


If people say that at the time of Taliban there were no human rights, has something changed after the invasion? Yes, from Bad to Worse & is getting even worse day by day.  The sad thing about this war is most people in the West think that these Afghans have their freedoms but what happens in that country is the opposite of what we think, there are still no HUMAN RIGHTS in Afghanistan. Please watch.

Everything Takes Time.

Sayed Rahmatullah Hashimi a Taliban envoy said: “We are not 100% perfect & nobody is perfect, we do have shortcomings & we do need to emend our policies, but we cannot do everything overnight.”

And he was right because, Afghanistan was improving and becoming a better country under the Taliban and eventually things were going to change and improve, but the U.S. ruined the country.

The Taliban did not enforce the brand of Islam by gun, as it is shown in the media, the people welcomed them. If the Afghans would not have wanted, the Taliban wouldn’t have lasted that long. Today, if you go to Afghanistan and ask any random Afghans about who they prefer to have as a government then they would tell you that they prefer the Taliban over the current government. Today Afghanistan is in a better condition than before 1996, because of the Taliban, if it wasn’t for the Taliban, the situation in Afghanistan would be similar to Somalia or worse.

So, What Is That One Thing Which Is An Obstacle In Achieving Their Local Agenda of NWO? What Is That One Reason That They Attack Muslim Countries, One After The Other?

It can’t be women rights, freedom or security as we have seen, so what can it be?

Very few people are aware that before US attacked Afghanistan, Taliban implemented only a part of Sharia in areas that were under their rule & due to this, there was peace in the country. And in my view the only reason US attacked Afghanistan at that time was that, they did not want the world to know what Sharia Law is & how implementing only a part of this system can solve the problem of turmoil & injustice. It became a threat not to humans but the New World Order. US’s mission is only to kill people who want Islamic Law to be implemented in the Muslims countries not the terrorists, because whom they call the terrorists, Al Qaeda, in reality does not even exist. The Taliban that are fighting against the US are not terrorists, they are the true freedom fighters. They are protecting their people, lands. They are giving their lives just to end this oppression & injustice.

al qaeda

West has done everything possible to make people believe that Sharia is barbaric & against women. Through Internet, newspapers, TV, Radio, they have brainwashed people to an extent that when someone hears the word Sharia, they say ‘Barbaric’..!!! And unfortunately very few try to find out the truth behind all these lies.

Results Of The War.

After Obama sent 20,000-30,000 troops to Afghanistan, the Taliban got stronger than ever and now they operate on 80% of the country. Most Afghans are supporting the Taliban, there is only 25,000 Taliban and 105,000 NATO and they still can’t eliminate the Taliban. And now they are begging the Taliban to join the Afghan government. This clearly shows that U.S./NATO are losing this war and that most Afghans are against this occupation.

Afghanistan is not improving under this occupation in anyway, but sadly people think differently and there is no way Afghanistan would improve under this corrupted government. We need to get our facts straight about the Taliban and stop listening to CNN and BBC News because they’re biased.

If you actually want to know who the real murderers and corrupted officials are then you can find them in the current Afghan government. And US government supports these criminals, for an example Hamid Karzai’s brother Ahmed Wali Karzai made 90% from the Opium production in southern Afghanistan and he still got paid by the CIA.

In the last 30 years the Taliban was the best government the Afghans could ever have. They had some inappropriate rules and that’s true, but their positive impact outweighs the current government’s positive impacts and the current government’s negative impact outweighs the Taliban’s negative impacts.

The rules are simple they lie t


After looking at the stats & facts, anyone can come to a conclusion that, this occupation is not helping the Afghans in any way & Sharia Law is not a threat to humans, infact it is a blessing, but the greedy, selfish & bloodthirsty government & the media does not want people to know the reality, because once people come to realize this, it will become a problem for their New World Order. This is why they are bombarding us every minute with the lie, that Sharia is Barbaric when in reality, it is the only law that can solve the problems of today’s world. History is also a proof. Whenever Sharia law was implemented, the situation was very different. From the time of the Prophet, Muhammad (peace be upon Him) to the time of Ottomons, Islamic Law has proved itself & every other law has failed.

Michael Scheuer




How Would A Woman Feel If An Army Of Men Come Together, Just To Defend Her?

The Messenger of Allah (salallahu aleyhe wassalam) waged war against Banu Qaynuqa for the sake of one Muslim woman, to defend her. This is what the Messenger of Allah did & this was the way followed by the Khulafa after Him, like al Mu’tasim, the Caliph of Banu Abbas. When a Muslim woman asked for help & said, “Wa Mu’tasima!” (Oh my grief, Mu’tasima!), he replied by sending an army to fight with the super power of his times, the Roman Empire, to defend that one Muslim woman.

Men are the protectors and maintainers of women in Islam. Before marriage, father or brother is responsible for her needs & after marriage the husband. The husband should give his wife the marriage gift and this will be her own property. The wife gets full maintenance from her husband e.g. food, clothing, housing, education, recreation, medication etc. Even if the wife is rich, she need not spend single penny for her husband or family, all these are the responsibilities of her husband. She can go to the court if her husband fails to meet her basic requirements. This tells us how important it is to protect the rights of Muslim women. This is the status of woman in Islam.

Women had the protection of their honor under the Khilafah. Today, we are witnessing a war on Muslim women, whether by so called Muslims or by the disbelievers & the media is helping to wage this war, to bring down the image of our sisters in the eyes of the public & in their own eyes. And this is only because, women would play a strong role in bringing back the Islamic Caliphate, which the west does not want.

What Does The News Channels Show?

 “Islamic brutality against women. The violence against women, fundamental to Islamic teaching.” “Abuse against Muslim wives in America is very prevalent; it’s all over the country.” “The Islamic culture which is based on Islamic Sharia, men are looking for any opportunity to take advantage of women regardless of their feeling.” “We know that Muslim women are brutalized by the Taliban.” “Some international observer warns that an Islamist win could spell a bad news for women’s freedom in Egypt.” “Muslim women are oppressed because they have to cover their bodies.” Bla bla bla…!!!

A recent report in the Guardian stated a 20% increase in Islamophobic attacks since last year. Many incidents are not reported due to mistrust. 54% of the victims that do come forward are female. This is the result of this Islamophobic reportings. They say they are just reporting the truth, but the reality is, no other faith group receives this inaccurate and malicious treatment in the press.

“Repeat a lie & eventually they will believe it.” Adolf Hitler.

“It is only those who do not believe in the signs of Allah, who fabricate the falsehood, and it is they who are liars.” (Qur’an 16:105)

Worthless Efforts.

No matter how much they try, their efforts are worthless…!!!

In the UK around 5000 people who convert to Islam each year, the majority are women. Mostly young & well educated. 20,000 people in the US convert to Islam every year, 75% are women. Over the last 2 decades, there has been a huge rise in Muslim women turning back to Islam, east & west, embracing its belief, dress, practices, its lifestyle, rejecting secular liberalism & adopting Islam as an alternative social & political framework for society & pole after pole of the Muslim world, show increasing number of women wishing to live under the Islamic Sharia Laws.

“But they plan, and Allah plans. And Allah is the best of planners.”  (Qur’an 8:30)

So, Why Are Women Turning To Islam?

Firstly they have understood that practices such as forced marriage, honor killings & seclusion of women from society are from cultural traditions & not Islam.

Secondly, they have recognized that the governments of the Muslim world today do not represent Islamic rule, where the secular democracies, military dictatorships or theocracies, they are all non Islamic autocratic state who have failed dismally to protect the rights, dignity & security of their women, turning a blind eye to abuses. Persecuting women wearing hijab, imprisoning raping victims, stripping women of economic & political rights & proving totally inept in providing adequate access to education & basic needs. It is these regimes that had been the main cause of misery for the women in the Muslim world, not Islam.

The Impact Of Western Liberal Values On Women & Society.

Liberal values have placed the pursuit of individualistic whims & desires as paramount, nurturing a dangerous mind set amongst many men that, they are free to treat women as their desires dictate, resulting in epidemic level of harassment, violence, abuse & rape of women within western societies (In the UK, police receives a call every minute from a victim of domestic violence. At least 47000 women are raped every year in the UK). Sexual freedom has spurn a culture of promiscuity & spiraling rates of teenage pregnancies, abortion, STDs, single mothers & adultery, resulting in the breakdown of marriages & families. All talk of women’s liberation in the west is a disguised form of exploitation of her soul.

The western concept of gender equality often used to label as discriminatory against women, Islam laws on testimony, inheritance, divorce, polygamy, marital rights & responsibilities, have also brought its own set of problems.

Firstly, placing the role of breadwinner over homemaker, devalued motherhood, & then, what was to produce the habitual women, in reality produced the duplex super woman who continue to shoulder the burden of household responsibilities but now also had to suffer the strains of financially maintaining the family. Moreover it failed to stem the tide of abuse against women & deliver the respect that was promised because western feminist failed to recognize that the greatest enemy to women’s right was not Islam but the capitalist system.

The Capitalist System – The Greatest Enemy To Women’s Rights.

The capitalist system has made a business out of constructing & normalizing a culture where “women’s bodies are the product & men’s desires the client”, in advertising, entertainment & the sex industry. Cheapening her status, contributing to discrimination & abuse of women & harming the healthy co operation of men & women in society. This toxic ideology, whose moral compass is defined by the dollar sign has & always will place protecting profits over protecting women’s rights & dignity. It has encouraged the beauty, fashion, diet & cosmetic surgery industries to prey on the insecurities of women regarding their appearance (90% of UK women are unhappy with their bodies), constantly bombarding the young girls with “unrealistic” images of what constitutes beauty, crippling the self esteem of those who are unable to match this template, leading many to view their bodies as the passport to success (good looks = good pay) & causing society to value the worth of  woman upon their looks, rather than their minds & skills. Capitalism has exploited the language of liberation, empowerment & choice to exploit women, so while living under the shadow of this system, women will always face an uphill & eternal battle to secure respect & fight discrimination & abuse.


The women have been neglected so long in our history, they must take a role in bringing the Islamic civilization back & for the first time in more than 600 years, the Islamic revival is everywhere.

Every successful man needs a Khadija. The first person to embrace Islam was a woman, the wife of the Prophet, Khadija. The first person to die for Islam was a woman, wife of the companion of the Prophet, Summaya. The greatest scholar of Islam was a woman, wife of the Prophet, Aisha. The person who loved the Prophet the most, was a woman who was always with Him when he went out to call people to Islam & when the disbelievers offended Him, she was always there for Him, His daughter, Fatima. One of the greatest fighters in Islamic history was a woman, Khawla bint Al Azwar .

Why am I quoting you these, is to prove that Muslim women were at the forefront of this Islamic awakening, side by side with the Prophet of Allah.

The Prophet (salallahu aleyhe wassalam) said: “The world & all things in the world are precious, but the most precious is a virtuous woman.” “The rights of women are sacred. See, that women are maintained in the rights assigned to them.”

It is time when Muslim women must unite to establish the Islamic Caliphate. It is time when they need to prove to the world that they are not weak & Islam does not oppress women but liberates them. It is time to spread the truth, to expose the lies of the media & tell our non Muslims sisters, the truth about Islam.

“The Truth has come and falsehood has vanished away, Lo! Falsehood is ever bound to vanish.” (Qur’an 17:81)

For My Non Muslim Sisters.

For my non Muslim Sisters, Don’t let media brainwash you. Do not listen to their lies. True liberation is not in being an object of entertainment for men. Don’t let men use you like a tissue paper & then throw you away, you do not deserve this. They will be nice to you on your face but will make fun of you & insult you at your back. Free yourself from this slavery of men. Study Islam & You Will Realize That Sharia Is A Blessing & Protection For Women. Only think about this once, “How will you feel, if you ask for help & the whole army of Muslim men come to protect your honor & dignity. Isn’t this true liberation & protection of your rights?  You Be The Judge…!!!

I invite you to read the book of Allah, the Qur’an. You do not have to take any one’s words for it, decide for yourself whether its the truth or not.


Taken from the youtube video – The Light Reloaded.